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Increase Your Privacy and Security

The interior of your vehicle is meant specifically for you and your beloved passengers. Its where memories are made through your journey and where moments are lived in. The interior is also where your valuable belongings are stored. With everything that goes on during your day to day life, privacy and security is crucial.

20/20 Auto Glass can gladly provide you with all your window tinting needs, complete with a high quality finish in order to provide you with a sense of enhanced privacy from unwanted eyes. We also provide installations of window film to improve the security of your vehicle. All of our security films are capable heat/glare reduction, UV filteration, thermal insulation, as well as providing safety and security through its durable material. Contact us today for more information!

Benifets of Window Tinting

Wondering why you should consider tinting your vehicles’ windows? Bring in your vehicle today and we will provide the following benefits through our exceptional window tinting procedures! Please note, certain legal regulations apply pertaining to your choice of tint. Ask one of our dedicated specialists for more information.

  • Prevents the discolouration of the interior fabric
  • Reduces heat by up to 65% inside the vehicle
  • Prolongs the life of your vehicles ventilation system by reducing AC usage due to lower
    temperatures inside the vehicle
  • Diminishes unwanted glare, increasing your passengers’ comfort